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FULL SCALE RIOT is a NY/NJ based hardcore band founded by TIM MC MURTRIE former original guitarist of the legendary band M.O.D. (METHOD OF DESTRUCTION 1987).

Full Scale Riot was formed back in 2006 by guitarist Tim McMurtrie and singer BJ Allen right when Tim was fresh from disbanding another one of his popular local rock and rap bands, Rhythm Trip, which also featured one of my Smoke Star brethren guitarist Justin Bondy. Anyway, it was during this time that Tim had tried out and worked with various musicians like Carley Coma of Candiria and Eddie Sutton from Leeway, but when Tim and BJ met through a mutual friend, they formed an instant musical bond and the initial concept for Full Scale Riot was born. Although, Full Scale Riot was Tim and BJ’s baby, the band’s debut EP, Rise, doesn’t feature BJ on vocals. Instead, the vocals were performed by current Generation Kill bassist Rob Moschetti. At the time, the band decided as the songwriting progressed, BJ’s aggressive throaty style didn’t fit the material, and there was an amicable split.

After the release of Rise, Full Scale Riot started to get airplay on college radio stations across the country, leading to small weekend tours and several local shows, which led to the entry of bass player and former M.O.D. bandmate and current SHAT and Murder League All-Stars member, Jeff Wood. Unfortunately, Full Scale Riot’s members decided to part ways and pursue other projects. Through the years, Tim and BJ stayed in touch and with “the current state of our nation’s politics and world issues decided that it would be a good time to bring Full Scale Riot back. This time it’s all about aggression and getting back to the roots.” The new lineup consists of BJ back on vocals, Big Tim on guitar, Jeff “F’N” Wood on bass and drummer Evan Rossiter. Full Scale Riot´s “Depopulation” (EP) is currently available on ITunes and Amazon. The band has been recently signed to Eulogy Recordings and it will be releasing a full length in September 2016.